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A Subtle Sign A Melody Heard in the Inner Ear, Such Can Be Heard Only By Spirits Feeling but Not Trying to Hear, Distance Between Us and We, The Obtaining in the Non-Attempt

Those trying to see beauty will always think there are suchnessess more beauty just over the horizon. Those obtaining will always think that there are more to be gotten, more to be grasped, more to take. Those feeling burning desire will always question whether or not there is more to it, more enriching feelings to capture. Those trying will never be able to stop trying, and those yearning will never be able to stop that urge. But yet those quiet, will be still and feel okay with their stillness. Those calm will feel satisfied. Those not trying, these will be yearning for nothing and will not thirst from lack of needed water. These things you wish for, are ever shifting. With everything obtained something more is added, but yet with stillness everything will come and sit right in your hands. To not want, is the way to get all that you could ever have.


Tamika Fawcett

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