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The Brilliant Diamonds, Moments of Life Compressed Into The Glimpse of Of Greatest Slices of Memory, Indeed is Not Life Just Slices of a Pie A Ever Adding Remembrance

The magic in the eyes moves to the brain and settles down somewhere in the heart, next to where the spirit resides. Its in the deepest place that our most cherished things lay. These are the jewels and gems of our lives, those high value essence extractions. It is in this that the stones made from the droplets of our blood, the beauty made from our hardships display a radiance which gives us a light of what its all for. Because really, what is it all for? The elements of the past transform us by making beauty in the moment, something to take away in the present, while we remember our path which lead to our current footing. The dream of yesteryear make the time ticking in the now ever more special. The glimpse of what is to become in the future gives reason to raise our nose to the aroma of the raising sun and set again towards the horizon.


Vlada Erofeeva

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