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The Magic Doesn’t Come Easy In Life, But if It Did, There Really Wouldn’t Be Much Special About it, Burning Skin Smearing Masks and Manifesting Wisdom in Work Is Without Words Written in Stone

Gun for the right place, shoot for the stars and the moon. Expect greatness for yourself, but don’t expect that it will come for you soon. Through much toil, fruits of your putting will raise from the soil. What is sewn is reaped, but what is not is wept for. Those that create nothing for themselves will find nothing in the morning. These will try to take the fruits of others, and borrow them for repayment on the morrow, but this is just a ruse. The one who wants things for herself is the one who plants. The rain will bring only nourishment, but this will not completely nourish you. For if you want to build a bridge to take yourself to better and higher pastures, you must first have an eye for beauty and hands made for work. The gods of Eden are only those because they first planted seeds in the minds of mankind. Those who slave, will be the only remaining ancients written in the story books. All else will be forgotten.


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