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Mercury and Earth, The Solar System and Galaxies Beyond What We Know, What is Spiritual is What’s To Be Enjoyed Which Can’t Be Explained, We’re All Seeking Something, But We Shall Arrive Someday . . .

Wishes and ambition, these are all true to come into light only if the proper effort is given. Although, life is not so sick and horrible without these things known as monetary successes. If this weren’t so, why would there be a world of happy people with the rest of the one percent being only thirsty for more like a blood rage? Life is what you make it, but it becomes hard to make it what we prefer it to be. Living in a box, feeling like you’re being held captive does at times captivate the mind so that it’s blinded to all that surrounds it. This is thusly so why we reach for the light and seek it endlessly. Yet it is not something that itself can be contained. We’re all seeking ourselves, yet having the hardest difficulty finding what’s right behind our eyes. What we seek is inside, and what we wish to obtain is always alluding us. What are we to do, when the path in front is ever shifting? Our only choice is to keep walking, even when we can’t find strength or purpose to do the things we do repeatedly in a seemingly endless cycle. We are all trying together, each one of us our own thing.


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