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The Makings of Things That Extract the Sweetness of Life, There are Things Which Turn an Adult Into a Child The Passions Of The Spirit, The Fire Blazing the Hearts of Gods

The tides that turn back the time, those shakings which spin the hourglass of life on its head, make the smile of a woman like the smile of her youthfulness. All which is opposite work makes a woman into a girl again, its the little things which make us remember the love in life. This because we need remember the love in life. True many burdens on our heart might make us forget our selves, to take care of our selves, while often carrying about the loads of family, or fond friends. These such should not make us forget about the importance of yourself. You are beautiful and special. Work isn’t your reason to exist and to work on bringing benefit to others alone is the reason either. Passion, something that makes your heart warm will bring joy back to you. Something you love, not some ONE you love, will bring back the main one of love: yourself back to you. Life will feel low without that special rhythm, but when the soul remembers this it will you smile like that child you used to be once more.


Victoria Brono

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