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The Spiritual Philosophy of Unique Influence in Words Phrases, Interesting Beliefs, and Mystery, The Soul Which Dives into The Rabbit Whole of Imaginative Descriptions of Self Will Itself Inherit an Interesting Life

The world is a ever expanding mystery and the universe is vast with so many questions unanswerable that one’s soul caught into these things could never itself be bored. There is us, and then there is that which is beyond us, and that of our tiny much retracted perspective. There exist realities before our senses which our limited minds could never perceive in entirety. What is you is but an idea about who, and what you are, these things can always change and too that which is thought might not be true at all. For in truth, how many of us actually know who and what we are today and what we’re here for? What is the right way, and what is the wrong way? What or who determines? Actually, there are no concrete specifications for these, simply perspectives we agree on to define things for ourselves. The universe cannot be explained, and life cannot be contained within the momentary limitation of our perspective consciousness. What this means is that the mysteries are endless,so define life as you shall and create your own way to exist through a personal and romantic experience with that existence. This is the freedom of the gods.



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