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Swimming in a See of Beauty, Water Enters the Eye and Soaks For a Bit With a Burn, But Endure the Pain For a Little While Because With Deep Pain Follows Deep Revelation and Pleasure a Tiny Award

Words are much more to the soul, they make it up and feed it assurance in what to think of itself. There needs to be a self image, something to take to help carry on in this world, this society can be brutal and cruel. There is beauty to be found in yourself but it must be spoken to the spirit and the inner body found it self elevated. There is a destiny for you, and a beautiful mass of waves which will come then hit you in the face bringing joy and sorrow, but all is a part of life. To recognize the beauty of things, don’t forget that you must wade through muck. It is not pleasant, but it is just a simple truth that to appreciate beauty, we must first have dealt with much ugly.


Rachel Anastacia

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