Site Updates : New Content Coming

Welcome to the new updates page to keep you informed to what’s going on here on Trillion Likes!

I’m GSG, or the admin of this site and the one who works and operates the site, looking, writing, posting the most creative pieces from my own brain paired with beautiful photography from around the web. If you’re wondering what this site is about, it’s a web share of beautiful photos with creatively mindful writings to enrich your spirit. Thank you to those who are regularly coming to see the site, and welcome to those who are new!

So, some of the new things coming are as follows:

  • A pure video gallery, featuring other beautiful muses posted in all video format
  • More literature content, and articles related on mental, practical and spiritual growth in a way that seems more creative than religious.
  • Possibly, in the future, entertainment review content on works which have relation to the feel of the site ( thinking about this as a possibility, not quite sure yet . . . )
  • Removed Membership requirements to see links!

There are also some parts of the site that’re live right now which you might not know about . . .

Stay tuned! Be safe out here!

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