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Many Mercies Rain From The Heavens Enlight You To Who You Really Are In This Life, It Takes Discipline and Studiousness To Birth The True You, Don’t Believe All You See That Claims All and Only To Be Glamorous

Take many voyages across the mass of our home, traveling through space and taking time to become the true you. Give yourself more breaks in your youth. It takes time and most likely many trials to realize who you truly are. Don’t expect to know this in your youth, for you will in elder years look back at the youth you had and laugh. Enjoy your youthful body, and the pleasures and riches it brings. Others would tell you against it, perhaps they never had it the same in order to have the same possibilities. Life is a story about you, don’t let someone else intrude your wonderful live and make it all about them. Don’t make sacrifices of yourself if you’re needing things in return to make it worth it. There are no re-takes in the movie of your life. The only way to make the movie worth watching from the eyes of your later years is to learn yourself inside, and spend at least a little every day going towards your best dreams.

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