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The Best Wishes In Life Don’t Come From Ones Granted From Jinn or Genies, These Come When You’re Cleverly in the Right Mindset At The Right Time, A Many Things Simply Solved

Passion in life comes from a simple and pure place. Emulation of another’s passion is a sure fire way to shoot your rocket down plummeting into the gravel. We need to really want to do the things we want to achieve and gain the gold and riches that lay therein. To chase gold for gold is futile. For what pleasure is a hunk of gold on your lap after two minutes? Will you not grow bored, place it down and search for further and more current excitements? The images you chase blindly allude you when your vision was never clear. Staking the life of another, when their life is mostly allusion can lead you to feel as if it was all a scam when the finish line is crossed. If happiness and success does not lie in riches and fame, then where do you find it? Perhaps the eyes are fixated on the wrong objects, and the perspective thinking of the mind is askew. To see real glory is to recognize, and to recognize is to see that glory in life comes from what makes the heart beat and not mere accomplishing. Those that know the true tricks are those who remain quiet about them.

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