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Liquid Bargains Made From Transactions of Spirit Value From The Gods, The Visual that You See if Born From Your Greatest Fears and Your Greatest Conception of Beauty

The brown and dark space matter when mixed with the red soil of the earth becomes gold when caught in the wind and swirled into a new creation, what is made anew becomes the furious fixation to the other creations. The tones of the earth when reflected on the bodies who were born from its womb are capsulizations which comprise the beauty of all which is around us. The Gaia, the mother Earth, the green in one’s eyes, these tell the story of our own creation, our leaping from the aquatic generation to that of building our brain to glide through the winds in the sky. Seldom do we appreciate the natural and organic, settling our sights rather on the modified and or mutated over the lush beauty in the original tones of creation. Sure, new things are wonderful and the array of colors in the spectrum are amazing, but let not these sister and brother tones take place of the father and mother tones. Seek the beauty which can be found in all things and not just those show to be accepted and to be appreciated. With your eye, look deep into the nature of all that you see and you shall see that there in lies a fascinating beauty to heights of which you never imagined before.

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