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Heat of The Fiery Battle Raging in One’s Spirit, The Daily Battle With Time and Obstacle, Not Something To Be Overlooked Without Due Lesson

To achieve you must fight. Yes we know this, but also the one who fights will be defeated, do we know this? The one who fights will be slammed brutalized, bashed, and broken. It is not only the fight which you must do but also the battle of the fight and the overcoming the crash. Licking of wounds and getting over scars and getting up once again, this is what one must do. This is what breeds the warrior and this is what makes a warrior of men. Those who have the burning power of a viciousness in their soul, who can eat evils and belch puffs of smirking smoke, this one who takes the licks and keeps on- this is the one. This is the chosen. The soul who walks through doom overcoming the dark clouds, the overpowering effect of gloom will be the one who’ll make in the end.

The one who retains his flesh after the monster whose snarling teeth snaps at him attempting in an unrelenting fury to remove meat from his bones is the one who has won. Such is true even if just for the day. He will live another day to fight once more. It’s not the body which gives the strength, no, but the mind’s true magically ability which gives. The body is therefore simply a conduit to the universe’s strength. It’s the collective relationship with the cosmos which gives man his strength, for there is nothing that man can truly do independently. It’s of the sky, of the tree’s which provide the air, of the stream which provide the nourishment and of the fish which provide the energy of their bodies for the sustainment of the one fighting the fight. Man does not fight alone, but it is the man’s responsibility to fight, and in his battles with the elements against evils he is alone. He must strive, to become more efficient, to become stronger. Intelligence and power are needed for success in this life. The one who understands these go hand in hand, is one who will continue on. Such knowledge of truth is necessary to continue on.

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