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Scribings On The Bathroom Stall: The Ultimate Illusion of Happy, Bliss is a Soap Bubble

Beauty is beauty because of the stark contrast with the ugliness. It’s a temporary break from the intense madness which is life. Life is selective suffering.

The downfall of man is truly brought about by many of his lust for achievement. Either a lust for the acknowledgement of Christ, or the acknowledgement of the woman he chases for. Life in an endless waltz, a disease with no cure other than the knife. What is it that you’re going for, and what is it going to mean for you once you reach the checkered flag? Convince that everything is not simply meaningless, convince yourself that the joy you feel is somehow not slammed down to a cracking slam as soon as the emotion subsides. What is it all really for? We spend our lives chasing the sex, but when we arrive at climax what are we doing with our lives for those little moments right after? Sure, one climax but what about the many others? What if it could have been a different climax, would that have been more climax-er? What does this climax mean when its bliss for thirty seconds then gone, off to life again off to chase the next on which will flee from us immediately after.

Man is living in a maze constantly seeking the outside, but as soon as the outside is reached he sets about immediately for the construction of a new phase of torment, for a new maze. We fear the needle; We run from it and in the same sense we seek it. We’re all jacked-up and confused, drunk on our own dreams of happiness. Yet, how long does this last for us, and if meaning nothing once obtained, then what’s it all for? Man is living two lives, but neither of them actually fulfilling the inner us by any means.

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