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Yuri Spirit Fire In The Night of The Mirrored Self, Selfish but Happy Who Can Speculate With an Honest Heart What’s The Proper Sacrifice of Soul

Is it really bad to aim for happiness of self? What becomes the accuracy level of happy when the target is spread across multiple individuals, second-changing yourself? What really is the aim of living? If your happiness is third priority, and you seek a dream in the midst of building others happiness what can you really hope to feel during any given day? What is the way to be in this life and not be weighed down by lack of hope? If you make self priority, others get mad. If you make others priority, you get mad, and people are mad, would the efforts really ever be enough? Who can define a true goal of life on a majority scale? Is this doable. Furthermore, what’s the goal of life overall? Self or other than self, and if all are for others then who is truly happy?

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