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Just A Graham of Spice, Everything Ends up Nice Too Much of Things Ruins Every Other Thing Those Who Are Too Sweet Make Every Other One Salty

Like a tipped container of black ink let your style run and run and run. Hone yourself in a day, and spend the rest of your days building on what you’ve found of self. This means the improvement of yourself, the concentration on getting what you feel you want from life. Do these things for self and none other, do the good for your own spirit and nothing other. Other can come after self has been aligned, for what are others by you if you yourself are tormented? Style, be free and creative. Live in a naturally creative flow – let that flow be your waking essence. For to see someone following their natural self, is not a selfish pursuit at all. We all learn from the example of even one of us doing what their heart tells them. Through the passion of you we can all be inspired to be better ourselves. This is the very unselfish contribution creatives give back to mankind as a whole.

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