Milkydoxy,  Wondering Through Existence

You Yourself Dining on the Decadence of Life, Living in a Constant Dance Until Your Heart Decays So it Can No Longer Yearn To Beat, Will You Have Become ‘Someone’ By Then? No. You’re Terrible

Those vibes which tear apart the eyes and open the heart to feature the soul, what is it that you thirst for- blood, or water? Which one of these can you see will be the completion of you, and how are you so sure? Or are you not sure, simply searching? Not searching just hoping to be found? What is the purpose of you standing there, you yourself taking up the space between the soda dispensing machine and the other person looking to get in there. Why can you say your existence even has meaning besides simply one more headcount, one more headache for your mother? What are you aiming for, and what type of arm are you using in order to reach the target? Knife, sword or gun, pistol, or rifle? What is the meaning of any of this to you, are you even paying attention here while your eyes dark left to right on this page? Maybe its nothing, maybe your hopeless. Maybe you are hoping for something but have yet to find what or why. Maybe you will simply give up, throw in the towel before even finding it. Maybe that’s your life. Maybe that’s everyone’s life, and just the same what’s wrong with you doing it to? You may agree. But if so, then why are you still searching for something you call an “it”? Why don’t you just give up then? Sure, maybe it’s just because you refuse to view yourself as exactly what you are. You aren’t special, but no, you can’t believe that to be true. If this is true, then you know, when you look in the mirror, that your life is no different than anyone else’s. So you, just complete filling your paper cup with toxic soda pop and look to the person behind you, and apologize for taking their time. Apologizing for your very existence.

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