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Play With Your Life, Ask The Right Question and Do Actions That Bring Little to No Answer Just To Get More and More Pieces to a Hopeful Whole

You can discover who you are with the right amount of effort and time, but it’ll take a good amount of bumps and scars. In the age of information, we think that somehow we can achieve without the work just because we have access to the direct ‘how to’. More information, less action. With the information the need to find through trial and error in a wondrous passion is completely absent. Why have the need to find yourself, when a Youtube video can tell you probably what you’ll find when you get there. Too many sources of what used to be found only through work and sense of adventure is now what dilutes the treasure of all that we could have enjoyed. Life has become a peek and see, and when we can see exactly what we’ll get, to what reason do we have to search to find? The story is spoiled, and hence so are we in our passion to live through continuous discovery. But you can’t give in on that basis. There has to be something more out there, than just what’s viewable on a digital screen, surely right?

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