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You As One one As All, Cannot Remove The Desire In Your Heart, as is Our Heart The Option Being We All Are Intertwined Each Having To Deal and Make Amends With Our Own Imperfection

*18+ only

Seek not glory or fame, or money even, yet seek what removes the dark toxic decay from the soul of the heart. Remove doubt and replace it with love. Remove fantasy, and replace it with a beautiful reality. Remove the eyes of others from the skull of yourself, and replace it will eyes that see things anew like never before. Seek a existence of pleasure in ones nudity, but forget the things reached for. Hug your body, and be comforted by your own smile. Let all other graspings go, and you will feel propelled to achieve nothing more than necessary for the sake of your smiling. Freed from burdens, you will see no reasons to wish for furthermore. Furthermore, you will be here with yourself and need only the breath in your lungs to be fulfilled as an eternal happiness.

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