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Cross the Cross To Enter into Reality, Humans Have For Millennia Created Sub-Realities from Subjection Mere belief and Thought, Reality Itself Speaks a Much Different Mechanism

Reality and belief can be some of the worst enemies, where some reject reality for the subjection of their belief even up into the day they step into the grave, to believe and think no more. While healthy and unhealthy beliefs exist, what more are they other than mindsets which weigh out the actions, and the perceptions of those actions in the life you lead? A belief is no more than a program, and those who preach them no more than programmers. The danger is when the vulnerable become programmed past what is beneficial for them, thinking rather that all things of good will come from the source of their belief. This is the choice of the believer, thus we each live our own lives. Yet, what is it of reality that we are so quick to reject when we simply wish something other than that to be the occurrence of our existence?

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