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Such a Mysterious Wonder of the Round Spinning Object a Home or a Intoxication of the Spirit of the Wolf, Wild and Lusting For Adventure and Nourishment of The Specific Arts

Twist and twirl, how we are moved by moving objects, how we feel almost intoxicated by sights or a something which we find hard to believe in our eyes. There is wonder in the shape and curvature of objects, in the size and the vastness, we’re intrigued by the deepness of such things. It’s not just mere petty interest, but the deeperness of much more as even as children, as babies the world around us we break down into shapes. We can complicate things, or make them simple, which ever is useful to us in the moment. Yet, for the understanding of such as life and things in life it is only the simple which is only necessary to understand it more closely.

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