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The Machine of The Self The Hard Shell, Who is the Machine Dead and Who is The Live Body, Who are We To Determine While Being Determined By Other Entities For our Own Proof Of Being

Smoking target of the aim from the gun, the path of your direction for the fulfillment of your most personal desiring interest or feeling. Going for gold requires a supreme diligence of finding such a thing and finding the knowledge to become better. The constant recycling of self in the day to day, becoming the mechanism which creates the results you aspire for. To seek yeh must refresh the spirit of the things hunted for. A machine, a man, which is the more real and by which perspective do we determine being the determiner? Are we even qualified to determine what is real and not, what is live and what is dead? By way of our understanding, and that vast measure of the universe that we simply do not, by what measure do we determine life except by our biological perspective? We feel real yet our feeling real is determined by us, we are involved in it so by way we cannot determine such an idea without some degree of bias. In this face of view, what are most things? Are they simply what we perceive them to be, or are they what they actually are outside of the frame of our tiny limited perspective? Who is the determiner and who is the determined, and why is it us, who are clearly observers who must decide this? Do we have such the power, while our human biology employs us with such weaknesses of perspective?

What are we to do when begged with these questions of existence around us? Do we question them, seeking further review and answers? Or would you rather ignore them and simply live with in the frame of what we’ve found acceptable without worrying of what glory you could be missing out on?

Photo by Xu Haiwei on Unsplash

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