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You Are Gold When The Spring of Self Constantly is Purified By The Revitalization of An Honest Goal, The End of The Prized Spirit Results Though from a Chasing of Corrupted Ambitions

Seek and gain is a game of not chasing empty goals for empty reasons. Knowing self gives the knowledge of whether anything is even needed beyond food and shelter. Beware that the vulnerability of having a hole in the body which certain corruptions of opportunity are always seeking and know the smell of. These that shake the body and empty the pockets leaving there a compulsive need to fill what cannot be filled with just that little more. The dreams you have should amount to what the passion in your heart matches. If you seek the gold at the edge of the cliff and risk your life to gain what few are said to have, do not be disappointed if such only results to a plummeting down to pure destruction. Gaining self knowledge and self meaning is the only defense against wolves of the concrete jungles. There are always the evils lurking waiting to take advantage. In the wild the smart outwit the predators, but the weak let themselves be lured into teeth and jaw.

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