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A White Portal of Escaping the Postulation As Zealots Cast Judgements The Bitter Result of Their Anxious Impatience of Salvation Disguised as Self-Proclaimed Holiness

Those who judge others for their doings are idle and wanting, nervous and unfulfilled. These men and woman who judge other men and women for what is being done are the same as the hated viewpoint they feel for something within their own lives. Those who judge cannot create. Those creating cannot judge, the creation is keeping them too busy to motivated. Life is a piece of art and in the work of every action it is produced and seen by others. Those who cannot recognize art are not themselves creating it. Those who are without will and knowledge of their own uniqueness destroy that of others. The idle souls cast the spirit from those motivated by the joy of an art filled living. The idle souls look to plug holes in the bodies of the vibrant, in this way hoping the spirit of the “unmentionable” will seep from them and in result create them just like those idle. Anxiety and bewilderment would never like to live alone, it must seek company to be in existence. Those strong and gifted flourish above the tomfoolery of the ignorant and lazy.

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