Trillonzine,  Wondering Through Existence

The True Measure of Life, The Outcome of Obtaining What is Asked For, The Disappointing Revelation to Acknowledge

If you seek, everything you obtain will eventually turn to dust in your hands, but if you seek nothing then in that moment you will have already obtained everything.

If you seek god, he will always allude you, but if you look for not and instead find your own reflection, you will be satisfied by what you’ve already found.

Through comedy and jest, within the short duration of the smile on your face, and the laughter in your heart exist the only true measure of happiness. The born of your new love, or the product of a love creating something more to love and witness. These are the only existences of what’s called happiness, something compulsory, quickly fleeting. Your measuring of suffering is a constant as you live and breathe, but your smile is short and quick to return you to your suffering.

Heed these words in life, and you will find out what it is to live with goals and aspirations. In this sense and with this important gem you’ll learn this hard truth years before this conclusion falls on your bewildered heart.

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