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Angel Ingredient Mix Until Clean, Scrape Purity of The Organic Until There’s No Residue of the Devil’s Horn, What’s Left is the Most Potent Extract Material, Use That Fly Away Forever

What’s on your mind, get it off. Get the words under your skin on the page. Let your screams bounce from the blood in your veins out and off the walls of the prison that’s housing your anxious body. You are alone, and no one cares about what it is that you care about. You hope that they see, they don’t want to see and they say you can go fuck yourself. You will have them see, somehow. Someday. Make your light shine, even if you must hide it from those close for a little while. Whittle it out, all the impurities leave only the clearest and cleanest passion there. When it’s pure passion, bottle it up and keep it so that none can ever take away the complete surplus. Eventually, you will find a way out of the den to shine your light, and eventually what is yours will also be others and they will crown you, something worthy probably.

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