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Bright Skin Like The Sun’s Rays, a Difference Not a Hierarchy, Appreciating Variation not Selecting Classes of Value and Classes of Poverty

If you can come to know yourself, the deepness of all, and your gifts, then you can come to know a particular purpose for yourself in society, or even better the world. . .

There is immense beauty in contrast. It is however a natural needed element to have however, those contrasting elements exist. One cannot rank the value of humans by appearance and say, this is over that, and that real beauty is only what they say. Beauty exists on a scale in part because also the non-beautiful exists. Opinionated beauty exists on a scale because variation exists. Without difference there is nothing special. If there’s nothing special, then there’s nothing beautiful. Without acknowledging difference, and the appreciation of what in lies where it may lie, there can be nothing of aesthetic value at all. This including all the differences on the spectrum scale the human experience.

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