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Crisis in a Financial World As We’re Working Just to Keep Fed – Support TL Here

In the times that we’re in, these are very tough if not the toughest time many of us have ever lived in. This so, it’s getting pretty hard to eat for those without the proper means to do so.

What is eating?

It’s the food in your mouth, it’s the deposit on your rent, it’s literally your ability to care for you most basic essential needs. To many people around the world, or especially if you life in the US, it’s everything. It’s your ability to life a comfortable life, it’s your ability to care for your health, it’s your ability to feed your kids and ultimately your ability to plan for the future.

No one wants to live in a way to where they can’t provide for their basic necessities.

Yet, as the wave of game changers such as Covid reverberate through the surface of the Earth things are become very grave indeed. Especially this, and most difficultly in areas of the world where government is most interested in profit over its primary people.

In the mind-scope of this, it’s pertinent to have your focus on. It imperative to be as resourceful as ever, and ever seeking to keep yours and your family safe.

If you think that the struggle is your own, know this is very much a false thesis.

Look around on journalism reports happening in this very day and notice how things have turned and shifted after the year 2020. It’s not just you my friend, it’s all of us in quite varying ways.

You have to keep your mind on your survival, your mind on your safety. Don’t be mislead to think it shouldn’t be a concern.

Do everything you can rather, to ensure your survival and safety not just now but also into the nearest or furthest future you can plan for.

Don’t break yourself to do so however. Keep your mind on your health, not to get swallowed by the beast of consumerism and capitalistic agendas. Protect yourself, protect your family. Even further than that- protect your mind.

Make your way though each day, set aside whatever for the rainy days, if even just pennies – or the lowest coin currency in your country.

Keep your head clear, stay it on a swivel. Fill it with knowledge. Don’t become overloaded with the glamour of dogma. One need stay current and logical to survive, for great repercussions occur for the thoughtless fool. All will be okay if you just keep heart.

In that I say this blog too costs a great deal of work to create content, acquire photo shares to do it, and post for the community. It takes time. Time I myself need spending on my own way of survival. It’s as tough for me and my own as any one of you.

I would ask that if you enjoy the content of this site and would like it to stay current with rich content on a consistent basis, to think about donating something for the time which it takes to do so. This is because it takes time from my own means of survival just to create a free site for everyone to enjoy, and which I would also like to improve. I will never place ads on the site as a means of income, as ads seems wrong in a world where most are just scratching the surface to stay alive. Also the fact that this is a place where ads just seem not to mesh.

This is not the vision I have for Trillion Likes, a place where human artistry and out of the box existential pondering combine to create something just a little more unique. A space of sharing and exploring, many things.

If your interested in giving voluntary donations as thank you, for the free content on the site, to see more free content placed I would be much appreciate. Also, the links will be below. Stay well!

– TL Admin, Gem Wolf

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