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The Naked Body and the Instinct, The True Spiritual Sync and the Foolish Separation

The naked body is something astrological. Connected to the rest of the universe surrounding it by not shielding itself at all from it.

At the epitome, this raw nudity which however we shun in what we have built and called civilization is the natural free and raw connectiveness that animals and other organisms employ and enjoy.

Even those who we see and say are below us in ability and intellect, possess the ability to follow instincts in a way which gives them universal knowledge in a way none can read only about.

What we create divides us in theory, and in opinion.

When we are seated in the grass bed we see our connection, we feel our source.

When we manufacturer our mere theologies of the source of freedom, of life, we disconnect ourselves. We fight over those views, and also we each hold ourselves for true source. 

The true source can be found with an unburdened, and opened mind in nature, were all things can be shown and known without much doing.

To be in the way of the gods is to be free to be divine. Divinity lays all around us. So many forms of life are enjoying it, but we’re so busy clothing ourselves with obfuscations that we never will. 

This and this alone, is why we will continue to suffer as sentient beings on a planet which requires no more than for us to be in harmony with it.

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