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Life Is a Wild Ride of Discovery, The Roads are Endless, Its Happenings an On-Going Mystery, Always Finding Pieces But Never Completing the Picture

From a baby, life was a mystery to us. The world is so big and vast with an unlimited amount of choices to take and make.

Of all choices, how do we know which are the correct ones?

In what handbook do we ascertain where our effort will be rewarded the most? Where our return on investment will be the grandest?

We want to be what we see on TV. We use those who are doing as a sounding board for where we might want to be, but no one knows anything.

We’re just doing, we’re just going. We’re going where the ride of life takes us because who could plan for so much of it?

We spend too much time simply attempting to stay alive, so much just to keep ourselves safe in shelter.

We spend too much time simply surviving. With all the brain power we have though, we want so much more. We look up into the sky and wish to tackle the stars, but what will we find up so high?

How many have climbed, just to look down and remember what it was like to be so low?

If this is the case then how can we know when we’ve made something of ourselves if even the gods look upon mortal men and wish for ignorance? Even if just for a limited time.

We’re asking so many questions and seeking so many answers, getting some, and finding out others were mere myth.

We ride and ride, but when will we know we’ve arrived when there’s never any one to tell us so?

So we ask ourselves, but we couldn’t even guess.

We continue to wonder, what even is there to all of it when we simply keep asking more questions and seeking to find more and more answers.

We keep going and really never finding ourselves but always looking. This is the debilitating passion which infects our hearts and consumes our spirits is a life long torment.

We are ever lost on our way, but never truly getting there always wondering if we have somehow arrived but never confirming the truth.

It’s because for some reason, we have it implanted in our heads that there’s actually something to find and if we seek we shall. .

But, is there really anything?

All this because we got the idea from our elders who tried to give us their best two cents.

The problem is that, although they say, there are none who ever lived who have found their way totally and completely either.

We are forever lost in an ongoing maze, taking our place in this world just as everyone else is doing the same.

Life is but a suffering aim to find what none are finding while they draw breath.

An endless journey deep inside.

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