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#Develop The All Seeing Thy – The Outliers for Self Education- TL’s New Group for Knowers and Acceptors of The True Self

Get off your laurels and join the guild of truth seekers !

In so many words, this is a group where aligned spirits come together to be their true selves, and acknowledge their fears and deepest fantasies: both which society approves, and those which might be shunned.

It’s not about what that is, nor letting it specifically be known, but yet acknowledging it within yourself. Acknowledging your love for beauty, embracing your connection with your sexuality, and that natural life giving element!

Your appreciation for your own carnal desire might be what others would call abhorrent, sinful, unnatural, or perverted- allow yourself to take all that in and spin it in your own way for your own positive balance! This is what you will have here!

You are not a conformist, neither am I. Maybe your a contrarian.

Self expression in life isn’t about conformity- it’s about acknowledging your abnormality. Do accept that there’s no such thing as a “norm”– this unless you care about majority opinions, which may be just a projection of others denial of self, and their deep rooted fear.

– Recommended reading – The philosophy of the Shadow Self by Carl Jung

The All Seeing Thy – ( All Seeing THY/ All Seeing Thigh) Is about having a place where like-minds can feel appreciated and accepted for having a sex drive, or a gender, or anything looked upon by society as being something to be sweeped away or otherwise illusionary. (What a sheltered, and delusional world we are building for ourselves!)

The All Seeing THY, is knowing THYself and being you and accepting yourself for what you show, and choose not to show of yourself.

It’s about being aligned with all the attributes of self whether societally approved, or not. Not only about attraction, and or sexual desire, but including anything else which may not conform with the societal orthodoxy wherever you are!

Here is where you, can be YOU and have no fear to be so! Let it all out!

When the world around you says Grow Up! Tell them:

Get Real!

Those interested can committee here comment, and share this site! Know this is here for you!

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