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AST: Phase 1: Find Yourself Taking First Steps at Clearing The Superficial, Starting To Seek Inner Alignment With Your True Passionate Desires

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The first step in becoming:

Align with your real self, not only your physical bodies’ desires and wants, but with your actual ego-self. Realize your passions, and dissect what they mean to you.

This is the way to learn about the core of yourself. The first step in gaining true confidence and knowledge of self.

You’ll benefit from having a knowledge of self, this means you’ll not be easily tempted to chase after wind, this which sparkles but leaves you feeling hollow. You know of these things right?

Knowing yourself will give you greater satisfaction.

Knowing yourself will keep you from chasing meaning outside of yourself. There is no meaning if not yourself.

Seeking clothes, money, or sexual attention- Having the knowledge of who you are will not allow you to be satiated by this superficiality.

Learn yourself as a first, then seek nature. The outdoors.

Once you connect back to the mother of life, your mind will begin to loosen itself from the petty dopamine hits which normally rendered it weak and wanting.

The path of connecting back to your biology, to the ancestry of your being, your DNA, your flesh’s memories, these will automatically work in a way to push your ego mind back to the center, where it belongs. The core of life.

Yet, without discipline and practice this won’t happen, only bitterness and failure happen all on their own. You’ll need to put mental conscious effort in placing yourself in the places on Earth where your evolution will take place bit by bit.

You’ll need to form these actions into habit. Take heed of your results, and how they begin to change you.

This will be the first step towards realizing your inner-self, your childish-self, your inner-dreams, the real motivation behind your accomplishments and mistakes.

In this is the first flicker of light on the path of us the All Seeing Thy.

May you find inner strength on your path, brethren.

Glory to the strong willed . . .

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