What is Trillion Likes?

Abandon all despair all who enter here. . .

What you have stumbled on is not a Web-Site, but rather a Web-Experience captured and contained within the conceptualized in Web form, for those seeking the use of it within this particular format. . .

This is not something you DO, as if reading a book or website or what-have-you, but rather something your being EXPERIENCES

The words you read here are magic, and have specific vibrative qualities embedded within them. Although this is not a substance meant for your harm, but only for your connection with pure bliss body.

Bring not your woes or your troubles, for you have entered a mystical, a magical place.

This realm is not for the layman, this realm is not for the losers, the thristy, or the scammers,

this realm is for those beings who live in between the frequency of that which is and that which is not.

This is a magical, a transformative realm for growth that of both the conscious and unconscious.

When you read the text on this site, it may seem jumbled or non-nonsensical but not all that is written is in a format for the conscious mind so the conscious, or thinking brain, may not understand it.

Know that what is here, is a collaboration of both the visual art and the art of words. Visit here, not to question, but only if ye are ready for pure experience!

Further more, Welcome!

So, what is this site you’ve ran upon you ask, and what is its purpose? I can answer than very shortly and simply.

Trillionlikes, is a site for fun which is about love, appreciation of our humanity, and on the deep end of the spectrum- ultimately growth within our human condition in areas of sexuality, and also of self.

What you see is all made for growth not only in your conscience state, but also in our subconscious, or even ‘spiritual’ state. The site best taken in as a whole, if you’re interested in seeking its real meaning. It is my art, you may refer to me as the GemSeeking g0d. 🙂


That’s it, please have fun, grow, and enjoy the site!

Just about all the writing here is inspired by the beautiful muses featured on site. Thanks for being beautiful!

Enjoying the content? Wish to see more frequent posts?

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